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hey everyne,

i haven't posted in awhile, sorry. it has been about 4 and a half years since my dad died. i still remember it with excruciating pain. thesed ays, i have been concentrating one my running. it is going well. i just read that poem from heaven and i thought maybe it was my dad sending that breeze on my hot, long run. my mom is coming to visit me this sunday. she will be here, in seoul, for a week and then we will go to china. for the first time in a long time, i am looking forward to this time. since my dad has died, i see my mom once a year, more this year. it has been our agreement. she meets me once a year, i meet her. although this year, i had a wedding to go to, and my mom met me. since my dad died, understandable, my mom has beena bit more needy with me. at first, this annoyed me. but now, i am excited, to have family here and spend time with her. 4.5 years, and maybe now, my mom and i can go back to our relationship as it was. well, let's face it that will nev er happen. but, it is nice to know that my life will not always be focused around this empty feeling.

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