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Some insurance companies are evil


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I know I am not alone

My school changed plans as of July 1. My previous insurance took me through the whole lung cancer fiasco without a single bump.

I am just 30 minutes from Philadelphia, and belong to the bigger-is-better theory of hospitals. With this new insurance I have to ask my primary for PERMISSION to get scans done at the hospital where I have had every single cancer test but one done.

Luckily, our health plan gives us a health advocate who makes the phone calls and tracks people down. She did get the okay from Aetna, but I will believe it when the bill comes in paid.

I was polite but emphatic :wink: about my case. My first scan is a Dexascan. Normally not a big deal, but I reminded them that I am a double breast cancer survivor now taking breast cancer drugs which can lead to osteo.

And my best friend had a CAT scan done . . .enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen . . . and her primary asked for a PET scan. Aetna denied it because the doctor there wanted her to have a

CHEST XRAY :roll::roll:

Then I was watching GMA and they did a piece on autism. As a teacher my radar went up. Those parents all remarked that insurance does not pay for therapy for autistic children. :roll: HUH?

I have alerted my business office as to my insurance issues and am keeping them well documented. When I return to school in September :roll: if we have a contract :roll: I will be vocal.

:wink: I feel better now.


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I understand completely what you are talking about. You are right it is the administration that contracts with the ins. company. If all of the other people in your education system knew what their contract was like, they would be hollering too. You never know when it will be their turn to need insurance. Can you start a chain in the school system so that all are appraised of your experiences with Aetna? Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Good luck on this.

Cindi o'h

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