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Some time ago I read a post but can't find it now. Perhaps you remember it or maybe you have saw it and can get a copy. It listed things "Cancer Can't Do" it went something like...Cancer can not take away memories etc. I think it listed 10-12 things. Can you help? I would like to see this in our cookbook. :)

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I don't know that this is it at all....there's probably a more professional one out there... but this is what my 12-year old daughter wrote when she did her Girl Scout Bronze Award project, and made her "Comfort Cards" for the onc. office. I posted about it a few months ago, I think.

What Cancer Can’t Do To You

Cancer can make you feel weak,

And maybe hurt a lot.

But next time cancer brings you down,

Try to think another thought.

There are many different things,

That your cancer can never do.

Your cancer can never take away,

The ones that truly love you.

And no matter hard,

Your cancer tries,

It cannot take,

Your eyes off the prize.

What is the prize?

Well, ask yourself.

It’s not a trophy,

To put on the shelf.

The prize is truly,

Up to you.

Because with every day,

The prize is new!

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Hi there.

This is one version I found on the net. I know there is a similar poster in my oncologist's office too.

What Cancer can not do:

It cannot cripple love, It cannot shatter hope, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot eat away peace, It cannot destroy confidence, It cannot kill friendship, It cannot shut out memories, It cannot silence courage, It cannot invade the soul, It cannot reduce eternal life, It cannot quench the Spirit, It cannot lessen the power of the Resurrection.


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