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I'm so d... tired of all this back pain and shortness of breath. Has been going on now for some 4 months. I can't help but feeling its all those d... cancer cells wrapping themselves around some vital organ and crying out gleefully.....I'M BACK :twisted:

And the crazy part is i'm afraid to call the doctor and get latest results from recent CT Scan (follow-up to bone scan which *lit up*)..in case he just confirms my worse nightmare. I'm seeing him Sept 29th and i guess i'll know then. I'm scared, tired and in lots of pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No sorries for venting....but a gazillion thank yous for listening.

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Hello bluebayou, I know you live in Canada but when I see your name I just keep thinking Louisiana! It is interesting that your signature does not mention that you had surgery. I remember you said you had it in Africa. I had ( am just getting over) back pain. My ribs never really healed . I think that the surgery , stretching my muscles back there , the scar etc all added up to my problem. I went to a back pain specialist and they found I had a zillion trigger points in the muscles they treated for about a year. Now I am going to a massage therapist and she is trying to stretch the muscles. Your CT you said was negative in June? These tests always make us worried. I do hope the bone scan will be negative also. Then you can relax for a while. Keep us posted Donna G

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You know, isn't it better to know what you are fighting instead of wondering. You may be tormenting yourself for nothing and that sure does not make any sense this stage of the game. You could be thinking good thoughts instead. Also you could be finding out why the pain if it is not what you are thinking...and maybe do something about it....

I sure know that this cancer is he////but get back into the fight to live and ck that scan out.....I know I will be happier for you so I don't have to worry too.....

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