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Impatient Robber


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Hi y'all,

This is a true story. My sister in law works in a bank, and she emailed me this message upon her return from vacation this past July:

We are home. Work was good to day. The bank got robbed on Monday last week.

He went up to Alice our Russian teller and said."I have BOMB give me all your money."

Alice asked him to repeat and he did. Alice speaks broken English and does not always understand, so she asks Marie, her supervisor every thing. Alice did understand BOMB and give me all your money. She said, "I need to ask my Supervisor", locked her drawer and went up to Marie and repeated the request. Marie thought Alice had it all wrong so she went up to the robber and asked him "May I help you?" He told her "I want to open an account", Marie asked him if he had ID. He showed her his social security card. Marie explained that Bank Of America needs a picture Id. He said "Thanks" & went across Street Rd to Commerce and robed them.

He left Commerce with $9,000.00 and got caught at the Buck Hotel. He told the Police he tried to rob BOA but they took to long.

Amazing, isn't it? Hope this brought a smile to your face today!


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