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Getting to Know You September 1


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Okay sense Ann seems to be MIA I thought of a question for today.

Remember the movie Groundhog Day where the guy just keeps reliving the same day over and over? If you had one day that you had to live over and over again what would it be like? Tell us about that day. Use a real day that has passed or a day that you would like to have.

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When I first posted this question I had a day in mind. I was thinking about the first time I saw Johnny after 42 years of seperation. You can't even begin to imagine what that was like but I got there late in the evening so I ruled that day out and opted for one a few days later.

We were staying at his son's house. Waking up with his arms around me was such a thrill and we would spend the morning out on the deck just talking and being together. Once in a while we would just touch hands. That particular morning we were catching a bus to go to Ocean Shores the town close to where he lived.

Before we got on the bus he told me that he didn't want us to have a public display of affection. As soon as we got our seats he took my hand and didn't turn it lose until we had to change buses. He was so happy showing me where he lived and telling me about it. When we got off the bus it was already raining. We stopped at a Chinese resturant for our dinner then caught a cab out to the motel that we had rented (The discovery Inn). We spent the evening just being together alone and loving. It was the most wonderful day and night.

We knew at that time that we would be making a life together before long. We had no idea what the future would hold. He had had a few problems with shortness of breath but not that night. He said that my love was healing him. The ungly word hadn't even been spoken yet so there was no thought that our dreams of a life together would never last more than a few short months.

Of coarse it is hard to use this day and leave my family out of it but they all have their lives and their loves and Johnny was and is so much apart of me without him there would be no point in reliving any day even once.

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