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Need some advice


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The first two cycles of my chemo, carbo/taxol w/Avastin went fairly well. However, this time around I'm getting some odd side effects. First of all, my feet are so itchy! My hands and feet get tingly on and off and I was prepared for that, but every now and then my feet itch so bad that I take off my shoes and literally grind them into the pavement. Has anyone had anything like this? What did you do?

The other thing that is bothering me is my voice. At first I thought I had a sore throat, but it's not really my throat that is bothering me. I'm not sure if it's my vocal cords, but it hurts when I talk sometimes, it sort of comes and goes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Tracy ~

Neuropathy in the feet is a real pain in the butt!!! :lol: I am experiencing quite a bit of it on the Taxotere. I've been wearing shoes with good arch support and that seems to be helping if I have to do alot of walking. If I am sitting at the computer, I put my feet up on a small stool. When sitting, I try not to cross my legs/ankles because that really aggravates it. When I am laying down, I make sure that I have a pillow under my knees, which helps decrease some of the tingling sensation. I give myself quite a few foot massages when the tingling is really bad - at least something good is coming from it - my feet are nice and soft!!! :lol:

I don't have any ideas about the sore throat/vocal cords. I worry about a sore throat all the time, especially now that my son is back in school.

I know how difficult it is to deal with chemo and still be Mom. I follow your posts and applaud your strength, courage and determination.

You ROCK!!

With a gentle hug,

Pam in FL

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It sounds like you may be having some sort of reaction to your chemo. I know when my husband had Taxol, after 3 rounds, he had a very bad reaction, where he couldn't breath, so it was stopped.

Definitely tell your dr. because he/she may want to make some changes or monitor you closely. I know that my husband has taken benadryl for his "itching" reactions to his meds.

The tingling does sound like a neuropathy, I see that your taking carboplatium it is platium based chemo and can cause neuropathy, my husband when he took cisplatium neuopathy happened. Unfortunately,

he still has it, even though he has been off that chemo for months. Once again discuss it with your dr.

My husband was told by his NP for neuropathy, to take supplements like b-6 and also magnesium.

......but let your dr. know.


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B-6 is good for the neuropathy and my doctor decreased the strength on my Taxol...It helped and it wasn't reduced to the point of not being effective. That was almost 3yrs ago. As far as your throat, I can't help there.

Check with your doctor before trying anything, don't want it to interfere with your chemo treatments..

God Bless and prayers


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