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  1. you know Katie, unfortunately many people don't realize how important those around them are before it's too late. I've been guilty of that myself, I miss my dad and there were so many things I wish I could take back of things that I have said to him or not been there.... and then when I lost my husband Carlton, I looked back at all the "pettiness" and how again I wasted so many seconds, hours, days and so on of our lives together because of mere "nothing" that didn't need to be argued or thought about.... there are many DGI's( don't get it) in fact, even those that have lost still don't get it... but we're human, and there are days that I let the "petty" things get to me...the difference is now I know and when I realize...I let it go..... ....take care Grace
  2. Chris, thank you so much for remembering Daryl, oh you know I remember his so well, he had the same type of cancer as Carlton (sc-ex).....he always was so upbeat and inspiring....I remember when he passed I was so sad......he definitely is missed by me.... Grace
  3. I can tell you that Carlton's oncologist was absolutely the best!....I had and still have the most respect for the man. If we had any questions, or problems we could call him... I remember when Carlton went into his coma, his onc. had spoken to my girls, he was so kind and understanding ( my girls were 11 and 9 at the time), he told them, if they have any questions or want to just talk to him, to call him at anytime....and Carlton really respected him immensely, I know he will always remember Carlton.... Grace
  4. EastCoastLadi

    I miss...

    today like everyday since he passed away...i miss you carlton.....i know.....get the girls to rake the yard!
  5. Rich.. I'm so glad you're back home! Hey, I hope you're staying out of this oppressive heatwave we're having.......stay in, relax and have a cold drink!! take care, Grace
  6. (((Teri)))) .....here for you.... Grace
  7. Rich... I know he's got that good "hardy" New England "stock"!!! Wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery!... Grace
  8. EastCoastLadi

    He is gone

    (((Chris))) ......I'm very sorry about your step dad.....please know your mom and family are in my prayers today... Grace
  9. (((Debbie))) ....my heart and prayers go out to you....... Grace
  10. ....another birthday has past and you aren't here with us....we miss you and love you very, very much... Grace
  11. EastCoastLadi


    (((Julia))) my heart is breaking...I know Aaron had the strongest of wills, from all the words I read from him, courage, strength and dignity. I too know the pain of losing that special man you love. Please, please I want you to know, anytime you feel like you can't talk to anyone, I'm here, I know...my prayers and all my heart and soul go out to you, and your and Aarons' family. Grace
  12. EastCoastLadi

    One year

    Carlton ...I still can't believe I will always love you, very much you shouldn't be gone we all miss you Grace
  13. Midge I am so very very sorry about Liz, it's so sad, and not fair, my prayers to you and your family Grace
  14. Superbowl Sunday! ...last years' Superbowl, Carlton was in the hospital, he so wanted hot wings, so I made them, as close to the way he made them and took the girls and went up to the hospital to watch the game together. He wasn't much into the game, neither was I, the Patriots weren't there....so it was easy to lose focus. I think Carlton was just glad to have us there. He still was a little unsteady on his feet, but was walking....me not to far behind or beside him. But today!...hell..all of this Football season!! The Pat 18 and 0!.....oh how we loved to watch the games together on TV, just him and I...hoopin' and hollarin' giving each other high fives for the TO's!! Carlton would of LOVED! to watch the Patriots this year!....as much as I've so enjoyed this football season and in a few minutes going to watch the BIG game....there still is this sadness of him not being here....sitting with me..eating his hot wings...drinking a beer....cheering on the Pats!... Good luck Patriots! *** Hey Carlton ---- I hope you're watching!! (luv ya babe!!) Grace
  15. (((Katie))) lots of big hugs and prayers....Katie, just you take care of yourself!.... grace
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