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Taxotere ?


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The inevitable has happened: after my Mom has been on Iressa for 2 years, Iressa stopped working and she has progression. Her doctor would now like to put her on Taxotere. My Mom wasn't able to tolerate the first chemo that she took (navelbine and cisplatin), and although her doctor reassured her that Taxotere (every 3 weeks) is milder, I am still worried and would like to hear of people's experience with Taxotere vs. other chemos that they took.

Thanks as always for all your help and support. Though we never expected Iressa to work indefinitely, it was still a shock to hear of her progression.


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Hi Rana ~

I also am on Taxotere and I get it every three weeks. Like Marym, I also am dealing with quite a bit of fatigue. I have some numbness/tingling in my feet and my hair is thinning also. But that's the only side effects I have after two treatments.

Food tastes funky days 2-6 after each chemo but it hasn't affected my eating too much. In fact, according to the scale at the doctor's office, I gained six lbs in one week!!

My red counts have been affected by the Taxotere, but the regular injections of Aransept seem to have this problem under control.

I just had my CT scan done on Tuesday and it shows stable disease, so I am quite pleased.

Best wishes to both you and your Mom. Let us know how she tolerates this treatment - I know it is not as rough as the cisplatin was.

With a gentle hug,

Pam in FL

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