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? about bone mets


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Hello all,

I think I am still in the dark about bone mets. Does the cancer ever leave that area? And do the bones always remain damaged? I read somewhere bone mets shorten life expectancy. How does it do that? DH has double digit bone mets(seriously I've lost count) so I understand he is fragile... Is it like the more you have the less time you have? Because really somedays I just look at him and he looks like my lovely healthy husband to me. Just hard to believe he is so sick is all.

Any information would be appreciated.

As always thanks to you all.


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I can not offer much from experience but here is a link for Info about Bone Mets that is credible and May help some

Click on link to be redirected;

http://www.lungcanceronline.org/treatme ... /bone.html

If I can help withanything Drop me a PM adn will find what I can More for you. this is a good start for this topic

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Hi,and welcome. My wife had many bone mets when she was diagnosed and got several more as we went along. Those that gave her a lot of pain and/or were threatening the integrity of the bone area were radiated. All were treated with chemo.

All the bone mets she had treated were reduced or disappeared. The bone does repair itself, as a rule, but it is slow. A scan cannot distinguish usually between the tumor and a hole left by the tumor when it shrinks. Naturally, you can tell if the tumor has not shrunk and grows.

I don't think the number of bone mets or the fact one has them would have a direct effect on life span. My wife lasted 4 years when she was given less than a year. So I hope that helps. Don

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Thank you for your help. Randy that was a great link. It had some good infomation for me.

Don again I'm sorry about Lucie. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. You translation about the mets was understandable to me. Something DH docs have tried to explain to us but yet we remained confused.

Take care,


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Hi Debbie

Just a little bit of advice for you. When the dr's are explaining things, if you are not clear on it, have them explain it in laymans terms. Most are more than willing to take that extra minute to make sure you are able to comprehend what they are talking about. It can be so overwhelming dealing with the disease itself but some of the other aspects, side effects and treatments just compound things.

Remember the motto here... Get a notebook and write it ALL down.

Prayers continue for you and hubby,



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