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spine mets- your experience


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Hi, I've had a number of problems where my leg sort of gives out from under me. I have only fallen twice - both times at the hospital. Other than that, I feel it coming on and just stop and hold on to something nearby. (Doesn't work well in an open parking lot with no cars around).

Anyway, the doctor believes it's my spine and has referred me to a spine surgeon. I have one or two fractures apparently from the tumor which was then radiated.

I have no pain (I take morphine sulphate everyday so that would mask some pain - but I have been on the drug since June 2005 at the same dosage), and this happens about 3 or 4 times a week and lasts for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Has anyone had similar experience? What was treatment?


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Hi, Mary. My wife had a large bone met on her upper spine. It actually caused her to lose feeling and function in her left hand. That is how the lung cancer was discovered -- trying to find what was wrong. She had radiation on the spot and that took a lot of the pain away. She also had chemo for that met and several others. Don

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When they did the radiation, did it get rid of the tumors in the brain? I had the last tumor to the brain. I just recently had Cyberknife because the surgery in Feb. was not successful. I too had a problem with my leg and falling. It has improved 100%. No mets to spine that I know of for me... On very very low dose Decadron, half mg per day...

Sending you prayers and hugs,


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The same thing was happening to my dad, that's how we discovered the spinal mets. He had a lot of pain though, but no fractures. Unfortunately, he also had multiple brain mets, and that's what killed him. I know they have this treatment where they can administer chemo into the spinal cord, and it seems to work for lots of people.

I keep you in my prayers.

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