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Muriel Ford

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:cry: I was diagnosed 2 years ago and am now being treated with Tarceva. I have had some really bad side effects and have now been given a break to recover. Once I have built myself up again I have been advised to resume taking it at a lower dose. I felt as though I had 1st degree burns to my face & scalp, I was reluctant to eat and have lost weight. There were times when I thought I couldn't take much more. Is there anyone out there who has felt as bad as me and were the side effects as bad with the reduced dose?[/b]
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What is the dose you are on? There have been many members that have not been able to tolerate 150 mg and have been reduced to 100 mg with good results. My husband was on Tarceva and prior to that Iressa (side effects are the same). He also got the windburn look and the rash. Make sure you use a sunscreen and cover your face in cold weather. A good moisturizer will help with the rash on the face.

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Hi Murial,

I was on Tarceva for 16 months and had great success with it. Had to drop it down to 100MG from 150MG due too constant diarrhea. And that cleared it up. Good thing about Tarceva there is room to adjust. I did get the rash but it went away after 2 or 3 months or something like that. Hard to remember sometimes. Hope this helps. Hang in there I know it's hard.


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I have been on Tarceva for about 9 months.

The 1st couple of months were not fun but the side effects eventually slowed down. My biggest problems were with my stomach and my doc has reduced my dose from 150 to 100 several times. I took a week at the lower dose to give my stomach a rest, then increased the dose again.

The Tarceva has been working wonders on my cancer.

Hopefully your reduced dose will get you feeling better soon,


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I have been on Tarceva for 18 months with fantastic results. I had my dose reduced to 100mg after about 2 months but it really hasn't eased the side effects. I think I have had every side effect ever known plus more! My scalp has been the major problem, red raw all the time and no antibiotic provides relief. My mouth and lips are very sore most of the time also and I get the rash all over my torso. My toes are inflamed a lot of the time and lately my bladder lining is inflamed also which the doctors have no idea how to treat. My nostrils are always sore but I find using Vaseline helps with that. I have tried every cream I can think of but in my case not a lot helps. I just learn to live with it and because it is working so well for me that makes it easier to tolerate.

This rash is now a part of me and I am ok with it.

Best of luck with it all,


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I have been on Tarceva 100mg for over a year. I have very little side effects from the Tarceva. If I slack off on my water I will get a slight soar throat in the morning. If I slack off on my exercise my legs will itch a little. Both of these clear up with exercise and water. I try to drink an 8oz glass of water for every hour I am awake. I also take a lot of supplements. AHCC and Melatonin I think help with the side effects. I take 2 grams of AHCC three times a day for a tatal of 6 grams and Melatonin 20mg before bed. If you have any question let me know. Hope this helps.


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