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Pain from Thoracotomy


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Hi all,

Wanted to know if others had this pain after Thoracotomy. My right breast has been very numb and sore since surgery and causes alot of pain when I'm moving around. I'm wondering if this was caused by cut nerves, my incision was under my right arm.

My father in law's incision for his robotic heart bypass was under his left arm and he had the same pain in his left breast.

Others experience this and does it go away?


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I had pain and numbness and pins and needles for about a month after surgery. Now, 3+ years later, there's no pain anymore (and hasn't been for a long time), but still a little numbness when I touch the scar.

FYI, I had a flare up about 2 months after surgery that caused me intense burning pain and numbness for a couple of weeks despite the fact that my surgical pain was mostly gone. I think it was a nerve irritation of some kind and it did go away in a couple of weeks, but it was intense while it was there.

My ribs still hurt if I sneeze, but it's a small price to pay.


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