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alot and all at once. Hoe incredibly scary for you and your family. It sounds as though she is in good hands and beginning to improve. Blood counts and eating well are all a good sign.

What do the doctors say now? Did they do anything specific to the mass areound the aorta or are they just watching it and hoping the chemo shrinks it?

Keep in mind that small cell can respond very quickly to chemotherapy. I'm hoping this is the case and that your mom's prognosis improves and she continues to feel better everyday.

Keep us posted.

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Hi Katie

Yes they did a cat scan and said it looks like it got a little bit smaller already-we knew the chemo was working because it was also pressing against her vocal cord and she could barely talk-now she has her voice back completely. I would say chemo is a mircale drug for this small cell---If Only it wouldn't come back!!!

Also I went to sponsor you-I thought when I looked before there was a paypal button?? I'll check again-if not I will get the good old Visa/Amex out...Thank You for Starting this site. I don't know what people would do without it.

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small cell does respond well to chemo! and it may or may not come back, have faith, and some hope.

I've heard people describe living with cancer as a chronic disease. Taking care of problems, new growths, daily...one at a time and staying vigilant to finding anything new by staying on top of symptoms or new pains.

The moderators of this forum are long-term sclc survivors. They are cancer free and have been for a few years now! CindyRN just celebrated 3 years since chemo, 6 years since diagnosis! There is also a member here whose father was a 20 year survivor.

It is scary, and the journey can be full of hurdles, but it can be done.

Please hang onto that...and celebrate the little victories. Your mom is doing great right now and eating!!

I'm hoping it only gets better and that she is home from the hospital now.

Keep posting ok? and keep us updated on your mom and her progress.

Prayers and hugs for all of you,

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Hi-My Mom is still in (13 days now) her white blood count was 0 the other day. She now has fluid around her lungs. It seems that each day it's more bad news. She is still eating/drinking/walking (as much as she can). It is so scary-everytime I see the # of the hospital on my caller id I think-this is it.....

What a horrible disease.....I will keep you posted...


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I'm so sorry. It is so scary. At least she is in a place where her medical team can monitor her and medical help can be administered quickly if there is a need. Her body has been thru alot. Give it alittle time.

Being able to walk and eat are so important in keeping up her strength. She sounds like a really strong lady. She can still pull right out of this.

I'm praying for just that. We are here for you. Keep us posted and keep posting. It does help.


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