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"What types of foods help with radiation burn/sore mout


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I had a prescription for Carafate - one of the most vile liquid medicines I have ever been unlucky enough to have to swallow. Prior to the prescription, my radiation oncologist suggest George's pure aloe extract. It's a liquid and I drank a shot (as in a shot glass) of aloe four times a day - any more than that and you'll end up with diarrhea. This helped with the mild irritation, when it got worse, it was a shot of the aloe and then the dose of Carafate.

I found that anything liquid was extremely hard to swallow, but Double Stuf Oreos went down pretty easily (and have 70 calories a cookie). For some reason, being able to "fool" my throat with mushy food that just kinda slid down vs. taking a real swallow of anything helped. The actual act of swallowing brought discomfort - and I wasn't real worried about the calories being bad, I was losing a lot of weight since I avoided swallowing whenever possible. Wish I could do that on sheer will power now...

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I got a smoothis machine for Deb. works a little better than a blender cause higher speed motor. also had recipes included with it and she got all her nutrients. Works for fruits and yogurt and stuff like that. bought all frozen fruit and fresh bananas. it was a Back to basics smoothie delite Model name if interested less than 50$ to

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