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Praying antidepressants help


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I wrote a few days ago, saying my mom was depressed about her LC diagnosis. Today she was readmitted to the hospital b/c her blood sugar was waaaaay too high (she's diabetic also). While we were there, my mom broke down. Put her head in her hands and started bawling. I have only seen my mom cry ONCE in my entire life, and that was when I was 2 and her mother passed away. It scared me. I know I would be a blubbering mess if I was diagnosed with anything even remotely as scary as LC, but it completely freaked me out.

Her behavior is getting very strange also--she's EXTREMELY demanding, like rather than asking for a glass of water, she yells, "I need water NOW!" like we're mind-readers and we're choosing to ignore her or something. That is not like her at all. She also doesn't walk. AT all. When she's at home, she sits on her couch and doesn't do anything, and needs help to go to the bathroom (she has a commode about 3 feet away from the couch), and she's basically become an invalid. She's running my poor father ragged and I do not need him having a heart attack along with dealing with LC. I can't help out more because I have to work (or else I can't pay the bills and I'm kicked out of my apt.) and am just so...stuck. I'm hoping to God that the reason Mom is acting like this is because she's depressed, and anti-depressants will snap her out of it. I talked to her dr. today and he said he is going to prescribe something for her...so pray that it works, because I don't know how much more of this I can take, seriously.

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Dawn, I am sorry this is happening. It is so hard to deal with the diagnosis itself let alone all the other issues too.

Is your Mom taking any steriods? They can really send blood sugar through the roof! They can also effect mood and temperment as well. My Mom started on steriods but had to be talken off because of her blood sugar. It's good that she's in hospital for the time being. Maybe some of this is related to her blood sugar and some "tinkering" with her meds might help straighten things out. It will also give you and your Dad a bit of a break.

I hope things turn around for you soon.


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