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Inpatient hospice for a few days

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Dad has gone to an inpatient hospice facility to find a way to manage bladder voiding. He was self cathing because of an enlarged prostate for quite some time. When he became so very sick in June (cachexia) a Foly was inserted. He has relied on the Foly for these many months but his bladder was irritated and terrible bladder spasms finally lead to the cath being removed. For a day and a half he had almost no urine output and miserable discomfort. I'm not sure why the Dr. & nurse urged inpatient care over just catheterizing at home. But, I suspect Dad feels he is a burden when he is suffering so.

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Dad recieved very good care in the inpatient hospice. He is much more comfortable and after 2 nights there he is coming home today.

Dad was in a semi-private room. His roommate died yesterday. This was handled quite perfunctorily with less privicy than I think is proper. And kind of in our face as a first experience at inpatient hospice.

No family was seen with this man, but the staff spoke of them:"We can't find the family."

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