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A request for feedback


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I placed an opinion in a reply this week that I stand by. I hope I have not offended anyone with my opinion, as I did not see it as inflammatory.

I'm sure that one BIG step in showing God that you are willing to do your part is to QUIT SMOKING! Cancer is genetics and environment - you can't change your genes, but you can DEFINITELY quit living in a smoker's world!

I would like to clear any misconceptions that may have formed over my opinion. I in no way meant that I view smoking as a pox visited on smokers because they "deserve" it. I do not feel that smokers "asked" for the disease any more than I did. I feel that all of us here were just unlucky in the random lung cancer lottery - so some of us were smokers. So what? The fact that NON-smokers get the disease too should be proof that it's not JUST smoking that makes a person susceptible.

My thought pattern is this: Genetics is nothing you can change, prostate cancer runs in my family (my dad, his brother, their father and their father's father). The odds of my brother (or my son) developing this cancer are higher than for families where a definite line hasn't shown up. How do you fight genetics? You can't, you can just be educated and keep an eye out... BUT, you CAN change your environment.

Please, feel free to jump in and give me feedback on exactly what I said that was wrong and how my reply was non PC for this site. Believe it or not, I think about everything I post and proofread prior to hitting "Submit". I did not mean to offend anyone.


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I found it offensive and inflammatory because I don't smoke. I laid the cigarettes down BEFORE I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2001. I haven't picked them back up since.

I was unable to get rid of the smoking by myself - this is something I asked God to help me with, to do for me, to override my will with His will, and I strongly believe that all that has happened since has been part of the process - I strongly believe He HAS answered my prayer - in every way up to this point, which is why it is so hard for me to understand now WHY what is happening is happening -

but I'm not giving up on God healing me yet. He's gotten me this far, and taken very good care of me. There's not a thing I can do - but He do it all.

At any rate, I don't smoke and wouldn't dare.

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