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Hi All,

I wanted to place this with this forum as well as the NSCLC forum.

I have had radio surgery twice - Jul, 2005 and Jul 2006, each for new mets. I had no symptoms, was diagnosed as part of my routine workup and then follow up. Both were successful, except I had some edama which caused headaches from the second procedure.

Now the have found additional, new mets. The coice is between WBR, supported by the Radiology Oncolocist and another Radiosurgey. I am inclined to elect to have an additional radio surgery. It has no discomfit, no side effect, (except the headaches, managed by a low dose of decadron), and I'm up and about the next day.

What I am interested in is the results of those who have had WBR. That is any changes that occurred and if the effect was on going or returned to normal and how long it took. Also what were the effect of the radiation itself?

Thanks to anyone who can provide me some info to assist in my decision.


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I have completed 14 WBR's to date.Waiting now for x-knife procedure.The brain radiation is still giving me trouble with continued swelling and back on steroids.I have a lot of fatigue and some nausea.

The up side is I am regaining my motor skills,thinking better and getting in shape for the next fight with the tumor in my chest again.

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My mom had 10 doses of WBR. Aside from the obvious head burns and hair loss, she suffered from severe short term memory loss, confusion, irrtatability, deoression, personality change and fatigue. Her side effects were extreme in my opinion, and exacerbated I am sure by decadron whch she did not tolerate well.

I know WBR has its place but I wish mom was given other options. In Spokane, where we live, 5 tumors were the cutoff for Gamma knife. She had 6.

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I'd just ask the doctor how success will differ when you do treatment later rather than earlier.

It was my impression when Mom was diagnosed that they really wanted to start right away.

That said, she didn't, she started when she was ready.

Just want you to make an informed decision. And the impact on success is a question worth asking.

All the best to you!

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My mother had 14 sessions of WBT radiation. Prior to the first treatment, she had extream confusion and disorientation. After the first two treatments she started to get better. Now only one week after the last treatment, she is back home and much better. (We had to place her in an assisted living facility.) She had 10 tumors on her brain. The Radiation Oncologist stated without the treatment she most likely would not have seen Christmas.

Good luck with whatever is decided.


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Mom did her rounds with SRS *stereotactic radio surgery* and with WBR. The dr's kept wanting to put her on the commonly prescribed steriods and she kept telling them "no". She had very few side effects from either of them...and nothing like the worst case senario. However...I'd say talk to the rad. onc. about what types of pros and cons you can expect with each.

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