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Surgery and Dr.


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I don't know if we should go back to 1st Dr. Back in Oct. fround cancer back in brain in Husband. Went to this DR ref. from OC DR Well he said sugurey again not radation. Ok set date. Well John is starting to have styems. But day before turkey day Dr office calls and cancels. Won't be back for 2 week! Hospital calls 5 days later and want infro on John for surgery. They never called and canceled. So I called where we go for chemo and today they take a chest exary and tommorw a MRI. Than next Wed we go and see them. If anything different, may not wait for this DR and sent us to NC. Now I'm thinking of calling the 1st DR that did the surgery. I wanted to call him when we first found out it came back. But John didn't want too. I should say this DR that went away said he could get rid of it and not come back by putting a can't think of word but it will come from a kdiver. Could be true? I'm so upset with this turn of events. But I know I'm going to call that 1st Dr tomorrow. I can't stand seeing John like this the last 3 days have been really bad. I'ts like starting all over again. Why can't it work the 1st time!? Sorry I'm venting but so many other things have happened lately. You wonder if you are doing wright thing or going the wright way. Thanks for and suggestion or infro

Bless all


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