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Praying for Pnuemona

Guest JanetK

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Hi There

Thankyou everyone for you warm welcomes, it's good to be here again.

I went to My Onc. on Tuesday for f/u on my shortness of Breath, she

thinks to think my SOB is not due to a chemo reaction, but rather may

be pneumona. I have a nasty cold brewing. The X-rays they took showed fluffy white areas in the uppper two lobes. My Doc. is 60% sure

that it is pneumona and I'm taking some heavy duty antibiotics. It's

the other 40 % that is scary, she said it could be progression of disease.

This suprises me as my scans 2 1/2 weeks ago showed reduction and stability. I have been tolerating this current chemo regime well, so for

MANY reasons I hope I have pneumona. I have a feeling she well try to encourgage me to try Iressa if it's not pneumona.

Your thoughts???

Peace, Strenght, Health, Love


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Hello, Janet,

I'm hoping that what ever this turns out to be it is something that responds to treatment quickly and completely.

Ry is correct....when Iressa works it works well. But I'm reading about some of the trials using Tarceva, another epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor, and some of the early conclusions lead me to believe that it is actually more effective on various tumor types of Lung Cancer. So you may want to check into it. Let me know via private email if you want me to research which facilities in California are running the Tarceva trials.

Let me know how you are doing.

Much affection,

Fay A.

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Our friend, Janet K., has been in hospital since this weekend. If we could all please pray for her. I guess this should be posted under Spirituality/Prayers, but this is the only place Janet K. has posted to my knowledge. She's such a wonderful person; intelligent, beautiful, kind, an accomplished artist.


Fay A.

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