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Brain mets..having a hard time believing nothing can be done


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As you know, Tim was sent home last week on Hopsice. The Iressa has been working since the middle of July, stable disease in his lung, but he had brain mets show up in August (don't know if they were there before the Iressa as no Head CT was done) which he had radiation for. Now, some 6 weeks later, they are back and we were told further radiation (or treatment) would be of no benefit....

I can't believe that we have to give up....and that I am going to lose my husband....

Has anyone else dealt with recurring brain mets?


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From what I have heard Dr. Wolf can perform gamma knife on up to 20 tumors in the brain. This can even be performed after someone has already received traditional Whole brain radiation.

I have enclosed his link. There are many centers that are doing this treatment(maybe even close than Dr. wolf), I am surprised your Onc did not bring this up.



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Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your current situation. I talked to a doctor today that told me that Gamma Knife is extremely effective. He says it burns the tumor completely 90% of the time! I thought that sounded pretty darn promising! If you haven't yet, definitely inquire about Gamma Knife. If they say no, ask them why and ask them to put their denial in writing. I've noticed that once you ask them to put something in writing, it's amazing how their attitude can change to rethink something they may have recommended. hmmm. Good luck. Keep us posted and I'll keep you in my prayers.

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