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not so much funny as endearing


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The other day my 2 year old daughter, Julia, wanted to try on her Tinkerbell Halloween costume. So, we put it on her, wings and all. She was so excited, and looked absolutly adorable (but I am partial).

Once the costume was on-wings in place, she tilted her head, looked at my husband and said (with the innocence of an angel)

"Daddy, can me fly?"

Ok, I'm a little farklemped, Rob and I looked at eachother, a bit sad-neither of us wanting to burst her bubble, and then Rob said "Here, Daddy will help you fly" and picked her up and sailed her through the air. She yelled "WHEEE, ME FLYING!!!"

Then proceded to flutter around the house like a fairy, continuing to exclaim "WHEEEE, me flying!"

Julia will be three on Halloween, and we will be celebrating her birthday in Disney, which will be so great.

On another note, my 5 year old continues to keep me on my toes and never ceases to amaze me at how much of my wise-a** qualities she has inherated. The other day, I was calling her over and over "Gwyneth...Gwyneth...Gwyneth...,GWYNETH GWYNETH!!!"

at this point I am about a foot away from her. She looks at me, completely unimpressed with my vocal range..."Didn't you HEAR me? Are you having trouble with your ears?"

She said, with that sort of 'how droll' look on her face and said "Maybe I was ignoring you." Me: :shock::x:evil: , only purple not yellow. To which she quickly defended herself and said "Oh, no, I wouldn't ignore you, I was just concentrating really HARD." Me: :o

What do you say? Man am I in trouble.

Take care, guys Deb

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Looks like that Mothers' Curse has visited you...I can SOOOO remember the days of being a teenager when my exasperated mother would say "When you have kids, I hope they are JUST LIKE YOU!"...

...and except for being the "opposite sex", HE IS! He's a little smart @$$, but has a GREAT sense of humor...

Being 11, a lot of it is potty humor right now, but I'm hoping he grows out of it...(and then I see "men" at work still giggling over bodily functions and feel like just giving up!) :roll:

They're great, aren't they?

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