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I have a friend whom was diagnosed in 2003 about the same time I was. I was diagnosed first and then him. Sience I had already been through it he sort of looked to me as what to expect. Sort of a buddy system you might say. Anyway, he had one lobe removed. He didn't get chemo or radiation at the time. He was told this week that it was back. The new tumor is pressing on his aurota valve, thus making it in-operable. The news has really bothered me today. We were both proud of the fact that we were doing so well. Anyway, I won't bog you down with this news. What I do need to know is some tips for him when he goes through radiation. Altho I have been there, my mind won't function too well right now. He is scheduled to see the doctor Friday to see exactly what the plan of attack is. Chemo and radiation for sure but what chemo is not known yet. I thank you for your time. Hope everyone has a great New Year.

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Good to hear from you, its been a while but I am sorry to hear about your friend. You might want to tell him about the post a few weeks ago about diaphram breathing. Keeps the chest more still during the radiation. I wish I had known about it when I had mine. Instead of raising the chest pull the diaphram down. What stage was your friend at dx? I am surprised that they didn't offer him chemo and/or radiation at the time.

Let us know what they decide.


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Hi Bruce,

Sorry for your friend. In my case, they did not radiate the lung - only mets. I have been on chemo of one stripe or another since Aug 2005 and am doing well.

Best wishes for you and your friend. I think having your "buddy" system is great!


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Hi Bruce. If your friend has just the one tumor, and it is not huge, he can kill it with cyberknife surgery and protect the aorta at the same time. Here is a link:


Also, it is probably a new primary becaue it has been 3 years since the last cacner. His prognosis should be good. Tell him about cyberknife.

Don M

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