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Getting to Know You - January 3


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I'm sure we can all think of New Years resolutions that we have tossed along the wayside, sometimes before they ever began. I know that year after year, I have made the same resolutions, always having the best of intentions. After rarely following through on most of them (i.e. losing weight, exercising faithfully) I have decided to take a different approach. I'm merely going to decide to do a few things differently in 2007. I'm going to be a little nicer to myself. I'm going to make time to do things I enjoy...things like reading, crafting, scrapbooking. I'm going to try and do more to help others and do more volunteer work. So, all of these are things I enjoy.

What are you going to do different in 2007 ?

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I hadn't given this any thought at all until I read this Ann. I like your idea of being nicer to myself, allow myself to enjoy doing nothing if that's how I feel that day or working my buns off if I feel like it too.

Resolutions have never worked for me, not even for the day that I make them so I've long since given up on that.

I think my change is that I'm going to get shot of the guilt......I will enjoy the chosen pleasures in my life to the fullest. If I want to do crafts all day, have a two hour lunch with a friend or watch some silly movie instead of what I SHOULD be doing, I shall.

Thanks Ann, I'm going to enjoy my freedom of choice more this year.


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of course i have all the usual(lose weight, eat better, exercise more) but mostly my newest one is to stay connected to people and enjoy the things that are just what they are. If my moms cancer has taught me anything its that life is way too short to be stressed out over things like bills,dirty dishes,laundry etc. So my resolution is to accept what i cant change and and do the best i can each day. My new saying is "it is what it is"

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