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Marie, I missed you and Frog in Chat for the first time since I have been moderating!! :shock: Is everything OK? I am sending a big prayer to see you next week but Let us know before then how your New years went :) Hope your are ok and sending prayers!!!

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Hi Randy,

Im ok.Just totally forgot it was Tuesday,Guess the Holiday messed my days up.

Saw the onc tuesday also,Just for bloodwork and a port flush.When I go next month she will set up more scans.YUK!!!

Going to see the Homeopath on Sunday.

Will try to remember what Day it is from now on and hopefully see you on chat Tuesday nite.

Thank You for checking up on me.


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Glad you are ok. :lol: Just got a little concerned and now I can sleep tonite :shock: Just kidding but was a little concerned there.

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