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Issels Treatment?

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I ran into the Issels website early in my husband's diagnostic process.

Issels has a detailed website at www.Issels.Com. It is an immunotherapy based concept/treatment with a holistic bent, integrating nutrition, spirituality, emotional support, etc.

They have a lot of case studies on their website, but those seemed antecdotal to me. They have a statistics link on their site, but I found those statistics hard to get my hands around, and a litte bit vague for a number of reasons. I am just speaking for myself here.

Hope you can get the information you are seeking off of their website!

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Hi Jill,

I did some searching over the weekend for Issels and aside from their website which Mary Colleen has posted here, I found the following (rather old please note the date)article. Most of what I found in my reading made reference to Issels Treatment being used WITH traditional treatments such as Chemo and/or radiation. Again, my personal advice would be to discuss this with your oncologist. I hope this is helpful..

If there is more I can do, please do not hesitate to let me know.

My best to you,





“Immunotherapy may be one of the only ways left to deal with cancer. We’ve gone as far as we can with chemotherapy”, says oncologist Herman Kattlove, an editor for the American Cancer Society. With few new drugs coming out, he says, chemotherapy is “sort of a dead area”…. With dendritic cells, “what convinced me is that we saw responses,” says Dr. Levy (Stanford University).


The treatment program is a comprehensive non-toxic strategy for cancer

of all types and stages.

In cancer patients the body's regulatory, repair and defense mechanisms fail to prevent formation of a cancerous tumor. This failure is called by some researchers a "regulatory freeze" or “tolerance” which is due to a combination of causal factors that vary from one individual patient to the other. In each cancer patient, however, this "regulatory freeze" has led to an internal terrain, a "soil" that promotes the development and multiplication of cancer cells.

The comprehensive immunotherapy is designed to break through this "regulatory freeze". It is a unique blend of treatment modalities that complement and enhance each other in an effort to restore the body's regulatory, repair and defense systems, of which the immune system is one important part. In general terms, some of these treatments work on the levels of the biochemical defense and help cancer cells to undergo differentiation as encoded in the genes that cause them to die through programmed cell death (called apoptosis). Other treatment modalities work on the levels of cell-mediated and humoral immunities.

The Treatment consists of the following components:

- Coley's mixed bacterial vaccine opens blockades in the body matrix (all solid, semi-solid and fluid connective tissues), stimulates the production of the body's own interferons, interleukins, colony stimulating factors, tumor necrosis factor and other potent disease fighters.

- Issels' autologous vaccine and biologicals work in a very complex way to "jump-start" the immune system. They are prepared from the patient's own blood and body fluids which represent his/her own unique internal environment. The preparation follows procedures that favor the development of antigenic peptides and other immunogenic compounds in the fight against cancer and other immune disorders.

- Extracorporeal photopheresis with the dendritic cell vaccine, (FDA approved for cutaneous T cell lymphoma due to the research by Richard L. Edelson, Yale University,) works in the following way:

Via the photopheresis apparatus pathologic immune complexes can be removed from the blood and a certain quantity of blood is exposed to a controlled amount of ultraviolet energy, which has an enormous immune boosting effect. During this procedure dendritic cells can be collected and separately cultured to maturity and re-infunded into the patient's vein.

Dendritic cells are responsible for identifying pathogens (viruses, fungi, bacteria, malignant cells) and presenting their identifying markers, antigens, to key lymphocytes that then multiply and attack the disease.

Photopheresis induces monocytes to transform into dendritic cells, thereby greatly increasing their numbers. By centrifuging blood in a cell separator and passing the white cells through the ultraviolet light chamber, millions of monocytes are converted into dendritic cells. By culturing them with growth factors, these cells can learn to ingest and process pathogens that formerly eluded the immune system. Thus, when they are re-introduced to the body, they awaken sleeping immunities.

- Nutritional immunotherapy, blood oxygenation, glandulars, bontanicals, enzyme therapy aid cellular metabolism, tissue and organ function.

The Issels Treatment has demonstrated the longest and most successful track record in cancer immunotherapy history.


(1 888 447 7357), FROM ABROAD 480 585 6804 (USA)

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