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here we go again....

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Well thursday was a great day for my mom I went to visit and brought her lemonade and pudding. She had 2 cups of pudding 2 glasses of lemonade and then she ate a lot of her lunch and had a snack of cherios. We watched TV together and talked and laughed and had a great day. I know this may not seem like alot but she has been eating almost nothing for weeks so I was thrilled. I thought that maybe if she could keep that up then she could get her strenght back and we could deal with her weakness and not being able to be up walking at a later point when she felt better. She had been complaining that her foot was hurting and that her legs were sore but i had read that can happen with chemo.(she just finished round 2 on dec 30)The nurse looked at it and all seemed fine. My sister saw her yesterday and said she was good. Well today we find out that she has a blood clot in a vein going to her legs. Dad said she was crying out in her sleep yesterday that her legs were killing her. So now she is on morphine and an IV and im not sure what else cuz my dad doesnt know. I had to work a 12 hour shift today and also tommorrow and i cant go there and its making me nuts. They are keeping her at the rehab and if things get worse theyll send her to the hospital. Once again I feel like if I were there all the time then she will be ok. But i cant. Does any one have expirience with this?

Sorry this is so long

Thanks for any info


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Blood clots are a very hard call to make. LC patients are known to getting blood blots but it's hard to be calling the shots. PLEASE don't be so hard on yourself. If it was easy, we would all know what to look for them and how to treat it, but, it's not that easy. Just give her TLC and know your not the doctor on call. We all make little mistakes,but our love for our loved one never changes. Call her doctors and see what is going on. THIS COULD BE SERIOUSSS. iT VERY WELL COULD BE A BLOT CLOT, cALL A DOCOTR now!!!!

Hope your mom will be back to normal real soon.

Hang in there with her. This is isnt' an easy travel, but it's very doble. Stay wish us.....kEEP US INFORMED ON HOW MOM IS DOING!!!!! THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK.



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If you read down through Mom's history below you'll see why I sometimes quip that she's the "clotting queen". It's terrifying and there have been times when even she figured it was a clot and just let it go and go until it was causing serious issues for her...never cluing US in that there was a problem.

You can't know, at all times, what's going on inside her body. So, as everyone else has said...give yourself a break on that one.

As far as clotting goes...Mom is either clotted up or running thin, usually. We've come to see it, as time's gone on, as just part of how SHE reacts to all the stuff they're doing to her. It takes some time to get used to "the new normal"...but somehow you do.

Many prayers for you and your family...

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HI Cheryl,

There are lots of bumps in the road with LC, from the cancer, and the drugs, side effects etc... Just make sure the docs are checking and rechecking. If you can't be there all the time, your family could have one notebook that you share, and keep a journal of all the tests and communication witht he docs, so you all feel like your now what is happening and feel confident they are doing everything to make the situation better.

I hope your Mom is feeling better soon.

Best of luck to you all,

Marco Jo

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