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It has been a while so I thought I would post an update. This has been such a traumatic 4 months that I am beside myself with emotions on a daily basis. I can honestly say that many days I would not have gotten through without the support here. Thank you to all!

My husband has just completed his sixth round of chemo and is done (hopefully forever). He does not ever want to go through that again. He will be having a CT in a week and a half to see how it all looks. It is a scary time because it is at a waiting period and everything seems unsure. He recovered from this past chemo quite well and is trying to move on with life since he is feeling pretty good. I am happy to be able to do some old activities with him again. :)

We will be going to a Naturopathic Doctor. He is known as a cancer guru and I am looking to him for some answers and hope. Do any of you have experience with Naturopathic Doctors? I know it will be a complete change of lifestyle, diet and supplements will be implemented. I am excited about the prospects of immune building and naturally fighting cancer. If it works so well, why isn't everyone doing it? I am going to tell the whole world if this works!

The kids have been acting up a little and challenging me. They are having nightmares, as I am, about cancer and all of our life changes.


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Flower, I know my father in law has been fighting his prostate cancer for years using various trials but ALSO using natural immunity stuff.

If you'd like I can find out his regimen for you.

I know he's into the Pommegranite juice and he also makes a smoothie with predigested soy (I don't wanna know how that is made). Green tea extract is something else

I can find out all his tips.

Let me know...

I hope all else goes well for you. Hang in there.

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Thanks...I posted this in the wrong place and wasn't sure how to move it so I reposted it in the caregiver forum. Oooops! Thanks for your encouraging words. It is so hard to have hope sometimes. We are going to a hardcore and very accredited doctor, who is well known for his achievements with cancer. I would be interested in your father in laws regiment and will share what information we get as well, in a week or so.

Thanks, as always, for your response.


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