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Pulminary specialist visit


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Saw my pluminary specialist today. As usual, I get nervous having a dr's appt. He said my breathing sounds good and I look healthy.

I lost one pound. Things just don't taste very good and I have little appetite except for pizza. He suggested I look around for a pizza place . Doesn't want me to lose weight I guess. I hate to cook. Wonder if the Tarceva is making me lose my taste.

About once a year I ask hard questions. He brought up my getting a CT scan and/or PET scan , but I feel if they can't do anything for me , why should I put myself through that. He suggested I talk to my oncologist. Have an appt with him in 4 weeks.

It seems I had a fast growing cancer 5 years ago which seems to be taken care of with chemo and surgery. But when it returned it is a different cancer. He told me I am very lucky and it seems to be a slow growing cancer this time. He is very honest with me but I get upset when told I still have cancer. LOL. No reasoning with me some days. I ask questions but want better answers.

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Wanting better answers is universal; who could blame you for not wanting to be reminded that you've got cancer? One pound is well within the range of usual weight fluctuations; and who doesn't get nervous going to the dr.? In short, I think you're doing pretty well. Keep asking the tough questions; and do ask that onc about the benefit (if any) of having another scan. And enjoy the pizza! Wishing you the best.

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