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Missing my friend


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In some ways it seems like yesterday that I last spoke to Claire and in others it's like a hundred years since I heard her voice. It's been almost 10 months now and yet it still comes and goes in waves. I don't know how to truly accept that this isn't just a crazy scheme of hers and she's not in a teepee somewhere just checking out life from a different angle or something.

I really, really miss my friend and I can't bear that she's not coming back and she's not going to ring and she's not going to....the list is endless.

I know I've been rubbish at posting and supporting you all. Although I have had regular computer access for some time and I check here often I can't find the heart to post. I came here once after a long time and found out about so many losses - Addie, Jen, Sue's Mike - it was too much and I disappeared again.

Most days I try to concentrate on the positives but today I'm down and I'm thinking of all of you who have lost and am sending my hugs and my hope.


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Thank you Dee. I understand a lot of this that is going on. It is hard to explain but it is normal. The pain gets duller but never goes away for us. It is ok to not post if you do not want to. You have to do what feels right when it feels right. THere are no obligations, Just thanks for touching base once in a while. Hope tomorrow finds you doing and feeling a little better. Sending Hugs, Prayers and a Big warmm blanket out of the Dryer for comfort and strength.

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