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Need advice on Grief Share support group


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I just spent my first evening at a "Grief Share Support Group" at one of our local churches. Several people mentioned the group to me and invited me to attend. (Perhaps they're trying to tell me something). Lately, I feel like I've been doing somewhat better...more "good" days than "bad" days. However, I decided to give it a try.

Geeze... I spent most of the time wiping tears. Several group members said that they also cried during their first few meetings. This is GREAT...just want I want...Go to a support group and end up boo hooing!! I will give it another try, and see if it seems to help, but I'm having doubts.

Question... Has anyone joined any type of grief share support group? What are your feelings on being involved in such a group? As always, I appreciate any opinions anyone can offer. Ellie (Sis)

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Can not offer any personal advice. I just worked through mine and dealt with it 1 day at a time. I have accepted it and have dealt with it in my own way and I think it has helped me in m y own way. Good Luck and sending Prayers from down South but not too far down south. Just a little. Bundle up and get put your snow shovel :lol:

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I have been in a grief support group at church weekly since the week after Lucie died. So I have been in it almost 4 months. I find it very helpful, knowing there are others traveling the same road to recovery. And I am able to help them. It is normal to "tear up" when people are sharing the agony of their losses. I would suggest you give it a few more tries and then decide if it is for you. Don

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Even though I wasn't feeling the need for it, I was going to try grief support anyway. I hadn't cried much yet after the fact and I was worried whether I was just keeping it "bottled up"..... So I set out to try the grief support group offered through our hospice, and when I tried to go to the first couple of meetings there was no one there (and, yes, I had the right location).

That did give me some time to think more about why I would go exactly. I'd tear up just thinking about hearing others' stories and images would just come to mind of comforting them.....so I came to the point where I was thinking well, I could help others ..... that's what actually stopped me from pursuing grief support. I really wanted grief support to stand for supporting me and my road to healing, not another avenue for supporting others when I was just physically and emotionally spent from doing that intensively for the last four+ years in various forms.

I've found since then that the tears come when they want to, usually in quiet alone moments. I've even had neighbors and friends stop by unexpectedly during some of those times and I found those tears stopping suddenly (and this was around people who I am comfortable with crying in front of too, they understand). Apparently, for me, my moments are best experienced on my own.

You'll know what's best for you there Sis. I pursued it at least first before I knew what to do for myself.

Take care,


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