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PET Scan coming up


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I was just at my mom's chemo session today and we were talking about her doctor appointment she had before I got there. She said they are doing a PET scan in two weeks before she has her next chemo treatment. I am sooo nervous for her because she hasn't had this done yet and I am afraid they might find more cancer. They know there are two tumors in her brain that she has recieved WBR for. She is having a brain scan next week. If it is already in the brain, is it likely to be other places as well? Her blood work as been good. No signs there of damage to liver, etc. I suppose no one really knows but I am just looking for some encouragement I guess. My thinking is if anything shows up chances are it was already there before we just didn't know it because this is her first PET scan. Mom is doing sooo good though. I would hate to think things would be worse.

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There is always a possibility, yet be thankful that she doesn't have any symptoms. Mets in the bones are often very, very painful...you can look for all kinds of signs to help you get through til the results of the day....but all the worry in the world is not going to change whatever the results are!

This journey is such a rollercoaster of tests and scans. Somehow you have to put trust in God or whatever you believe in that you will deal with WHATEVER the results may be...and that you will have a plan whether it is to celebrate or to fight even harder.

Praying that you all have peace over the next few weeks!


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Hey Wondermom,

First -- don't second guess the results. You might be pleasantly surprised. Second, even a PET scan is only about 85% accurate. Always a possibility it might show a hot spot that is nothing more than a bit of arthritis.

Waiting for results is always going to be tough. No way around it, but try not to anticipate anything but a good result.


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