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My Mom is in a rehab home right now having physical therapy 5 days a week. She has been there for 1 1/2 weeks now and has not made much, if any, progress. Today is the first day that she said, and the therapist, said that she did better than the day before. My Dad was with her in the morning and said that she got out of the wheelchair and into bed, and then again into the wheel chair without much help - more than she has done in weeks. The doctor says that there is only 1 chemo left to try but he doesn't want to try that in fear that she will have a stroke. We met with Hospice today to see what our options are. We haven't presented this to Mom yet and ultimately it is her decision. We just needed to know more about Hospice and what they could offer. Mom does not seem to want to give up the fight yet. We are just not sure where to go from here if there are no more chemo options. Has anyone tried any holistic approches that seem to work? If she is not ready to give up, either are we. We just don't want to see her suffer. I just read this article on the internet about a molecule called DCA. Has anyone heard of this? Any input would be so greatly appreciated.


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You might try looking in the alternative and complementary; the new treatment/clinical trials; and the nutrition forums here for ideas of what other directions might be available to your family.

There is information on DCA in the new treatment/clinical trials forum.

All the best to you and your mom,


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