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Hi all. Need your help. My friend Marc has had progression again (NSCLC Stage IIIB). Small nodules in both lungs, 1 mediastinal lymph node involved, now one abdominal node involved. No spread to other organs. His onc is now going to put him on Navelbine by itself as 4th line therapy. I know that Navelbine is often prescribed along with a platinum drug, but I've never heard of it used alone. Has anyone had good results with this??



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My father was also put on Navelbine (as a second line). I did quite a bit of reading on that and the research shows good results in second line. They vary, but many have around 50% of stable disease. In second line (and even often in the first line) Navelbine is combined with Gemzar. But in the elderly, it seems, that this combination was not stronger than the single agents.

On this board many had good results with Navelbine.

Lucy and Deb come to mind.

Good luck with it !

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My husband is currently on weekly Navelbine infusions as his 4th line treatment. He has done 10 cycles and will be scanned this Friday. The Oncologist told us that it has about a 20% chance of working. We feel that it is working (his pleural effusion has slowed dramatically) and have high hopes for either stable or shrinkage. Doctor seemed to feel good about it too. We'll see...

Navelbine is a vessicant, so it has to be infused rather quickly, between 5-7+ minutes. Side effects are minimal, but can include nausea, peripheral neuropathy, and constipation (so trot out those stool softeners right away :) ). My husband does have extreme bouts of night sweats the night of the infusion, but none of the other side effects. (He always manages to get some weird off-the-chart side effect from any of his treatments though.) It is also notorious for lowering the WBC, so they will probably give your friend Neopogen 2-3 times a week depending on how bad his whites sink. Tony's been holding well with 2 shots per week. He does have growing fatigue from the treatment, but is usually good-to-go for at least 2 days a week.

I hope this helps! Best wishes for you and your friend. It is hard to be in this position, but know that there is support here.

Warm regards,


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