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tarceva rash


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Hey guys,

Second day of Tarceva and I think I am already breaking out with the rash. I have something that looks like a pimple on my face and I fear more are coming. It itches a little bit too? What can I do to help keep it at bay? Exfoliate? Moisturize? Cross my fingers? Doc said call only if it gets out of hand, its not there yet, but knowing my luck this will get somewhat unsightly just in time for my vacation.



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You have probably read before that I drink lots of water and exercise. This helps me the most with the rash. I never did get much of a rash, but I have always exercised and drank the water. Even today if I do not sweat at least 3 times a week my legs will start to itch. As soon as I exercise and sweat then the itching will go away. I also think soaking in a hot tub helps, because this cause you do sweat. It works for me, but I am a little wired.

Stay positive, :)


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I was on Tarceva for 3 months and I had a HORRIBLE rash. My whole face was covered with those horrid pimples, as was my chest and back. My doctor prescribed the clindamycin and minoclycline combo. It worked really well, clearing up the rash on my face in just a few days. Unfortunately it never did anything for the rash on the rest of my body.

My suggestion is to go to the doc as soon as you think it's getting bad so that you don't have to suffer with the worst of it.

Good luck to you and have a great vacation!


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Thanks for all your input. My girlfriend Julia has TONS of fancy organic exfoliants/cleansers/moisturizers. This bump may be fading. I am gonna stick with my original approach. Exfoliate every day or every other day. Moisturize with Kiehls face lotion. And with a nod to Ernie's suggestion, more water and more baths.

I'm actually taking a domestic vacay in North Carolina. Mexico is coming but we're gonna wait until it warms a bit.


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