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    Raney Fleck

    (from her husband)Hello everybody. Raney is finally pain free. She passed around 2PM in April 10th. I want to thank everybody on here. She made some friends, and I thank you all for the support. She will be missed, but most importantly she wants to be remembered.
  2. I'm in Mesa, AZ. I don't know what you're looking for in a buddy, but let me know and maybe we could do that. I'm the patient though, so I don't know if that matters. Raney
  3. For all my regular scans, they do an MRI with contrast on my brain. I believe that is what is most useful in finding brain mets. The one time I was in the ER with headache/vomitting, they just did a CT. Not sure why no MRI in the ER.
  4. raneyf

    Hate My Hair

    My hair is like Colleen's. Reverse mohawk... It amuses my kids and family, so whatever, I guess. It is Brillo pad like in some spots and I have 1 thick spot in the back that's shaped like a heart. Maybe the other mom's at school think I'm making some kind of a statement... I live in Arizona and it's going to be getting hot, plus the Sorafenib makes my head itchy, so I've been going hatless too.
  5. Hi Anne, Hoping the Tarceva works well for you. I have a baby (19 months now) and a 5 year old also. I know it's hard for me to keep up with them sometimes. Hope you're feeling well or have some help. Keep up the good work with the scans. Raney
  6. Hi Diane, Congratulations on your remarkable history. I'm not sure where all your cancer is, only that you're a stage 4. It's really great that your doctors operated twice. I've found that to be pretty uncommon for patients with metastatic disease. You'll have to let us know where you get treatment. Congratulations again! Raney
  7. I've never had a CT w/out contrast, but on all my other CTs and even on chest x-rays, they've always differentiated between fluid and my tumor. So, I would think that a mass is probably solid. That's not a great (or even a for-sure) answer, but hope to help a little. Best of luck to you. Raney
  8. I had my baby and then started chemo, so I hadn't had a cycle since 12/05. They just did a blood test on me and confirmed I'm in menopause. Woo hoo, isn't all this fun...
  9. Randi, It is strange and new to most people for non-smokers to get lung cancer. It was certainly a shock to me. I think most of the members here just want to gently educate the public that no one is safe from this horrible disease. Raney
  10. raneyf

    Nothing Found

    That's really great. Sometimes I imagine hearing news like that so I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your time between scans. Raney
  11. raneyf


    Julia, I'm so sorry for your loss. Even though I only met Aaron through this board, I considered him a friend, and I'm so sad for you two and your family. Again, I'm just so sorry - I can't understand anything about this disease. Raney
  12. I had a bone biopsy in my left hip at diagnosis. They gave me some IV drugs and I had no trouble. I hope your procedure is as easy. Raney
  13. I think it depends if they're doing your abdomen too. They always do mine. I have to drink some stuff before the scan too. So no eating 4 hours before the scan for me.
  14. Yes, we changed a lot. We moved from the outskirts of town where we had a big new house to the middle of the city so we could be close to my parents. Our house went from 2500 s.f. to 1600 s.f. We sold one of our cars and got something cheaper. My husband used to work a 2nd job so I could stay home with the kids. When I was diagnosed, he immediately quit so he would be home more for us. Overall, I'm happy to be "in-town" again, happy to have my husband home more, and we're making it without the 2nd job. Now -I'm not saying I'm happy I got LC to motivate me to make these changes. I'm nev
  15. Hi Bucky, I would work on the surprise party and plan on going and having a great time. As far as pain, my experience is that bone pain is going to be shoulders/ribs/back/or hips to start with at least. So I wouldn't worry about my hands or feet for sure. Try to be happy and have a great new year! Raney
  16. I'm Raney,31 years old, married to Chris, my high school boyfriend for the last 8 years. 2 sons, Jaren (5 years) and Conor (1 year). I am a CPA, but quit my job in 2005 to stay home with Jaren and to have another baby. I live in Mesa, AZ, where I was born. I've been fighting stage 4 NSCLC since 10/06 when my baby was 6 weeks old. Rachel (Fight) - I have an aunt and several cousins that all live in Grand Junction...
  17. I could maybe help. I'm in AZ - when is it?
  18. raneyf

    Chemo Ports ?

    They told me they put mine on the right because my left lung is the biggest problem? I don't know, it sounds like it could go either place. I guess they have a new kind that can be used for CT contrast too. I'd ask for that kind if you can.
  19. Here is a link: http://www.lungcanceralliance.org/h_res ... _13_07.htm
  20. Did you ask about Abraxane? I was allergic to Taxol, but o.k. with this. I was o.k. with Taxotere too though. But maybe worth asking.
  21. raneyf


    I'm so sorry for you and your children. I never expected to read this today. Praying for peace and comfort for your family. Raney
  22. Sorry to hear this news Trish. Hang in there. Raney
  23. Just a thought that you might want to apply for Social Security disability if you haven't already. That may help you guys some. I qualified with no problem. Raney
  24. I'm so sorry for your loss. Tony was an inspiration and you exemplified a loving caregiver.
  25. I haven't had one yet, it's scheduled for 10/15. That will be about 6-7 weeks. My doctor said 6 weeks was about normal.
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