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Since my mom was diagnosed Stage IV nsclc in December I have been trying to figure out how this could happen to her. She had always been so healthy. I guess I was one of "those" people who believed it could never happen to "my mom". She is invincible! I guess I was proven wrong. In my reading since her diagnosis, I found out about Radon and the possiblity that it can cause lung cancer. I am wondering how to go about making it a state law or policy that homes have to be checked for radon levels before they are sold or prior to moving in. Any thoughts? I know this probably causes a small amount of lung cancer cases, but I figure it is a step towards getting some exposure as well.

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Our Realtor recommended a Radon test (the computerized one) as part of the house inspection that we had done. I would hope that Realtors would be educated in the different environmental issues of their state/area. Our's was and we did get the test done and it came back with a high reading. We paid half for the Radon mitigating system to be installed and the sellers paid for the other half. Letting people know that it is a fixable thing and not a reason NOT to buy a house is an important thing.

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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Just call the American Lung Association or look them up on the web.

However, many many many factor's add into why people get lung cancer and it isn't just smoking and or radon. I have had many doctor' state that it's not just one carcinogen that causes lc it's several.

At the Minnesota State Capital in 2001 and 2002 several of my lung cancer support group members and myself put together a Lung Cancer Awareness Event trying to educate people about lung cancer. One of the organizations that sponsored our event was the American Lung Association, along with others. We also had Onc Doc's from the U of M, Pulmonary Doc's from United, and Radiation Onc's from Maplewood Cancer Center attended this Event and educate about the causes of lung cancer. The American Cancer Society wouldn't have anything to do with us. (how sad is that?)

I suggest checking with LCA (Lung Cancer Alliance) for helpful information as well.

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