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What do you do with your time?


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My mom is feeling a bit bored. She can't do anything active and she is tired of crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. My mom is struggling with neuropathy right now, so she can't really walk a lot. Any good books you recommend for someone that usually doesn't read? What activities do you recommend?

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Well when my husband was in chemo and not feeling too great all the time, we watched tons of movies on TV. It was so relaxing to just veg on the couch and watch movies we hadn't seen before or some of the old classics. Lot's of cable channels show movies all day (and night) long. We really enjoyed seeing Rear Window and some other old ones.

Also, books on tape are great for someone not a reader.

Is she a person that has ever done quilting, knitting or anything like that?

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Hi Natalie.....I don't know what type of books your mom might be interested in, but I have really enjoyed a whole series of books by Diane Mott Davidson. They are what you would call "culinary mysteries". They contain some wonderful recipes and have good plots as well. I simply go on-line and order them from Noble Books and they are delivered right to my door. You might just check out their website to get some other ideas as well. I also enjoyed Maeve Binchy's books a great deal, especially Tara Road. Just a couple hints. (I also read all the Harry Potter books this summer). Best of luck to you and your mom and God Bless, Mary

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Hmmmm...while I did my recuperating (and I did not have chemo, this was radiation and surgery), I tore up all the carpeting in the house. Lucky for me, we had hardwood floors!

My mother was my "Beckysitter" and that woman has NEVER been able to sit still. She would arrive at the door as my husband was leaving for work with a "What are we doing TODAY?"...

Shoulda seen my hubby's face when he came home for lunch to rolls of carpet and padding tossed out on the front yard!

I like to crochet and cross stitch, but couldn't after my surgery - right arm hurt too much to move like that. Home wrecking fit in real well!

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