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Said it before and Will say it again,

Lung CAncer is the Breast Cancer of the new millenium.

There is not enough awareness, research, education, and of course the cause of all this is the lack of MONEY for all tehse things. Susan G Komen has dedicated itself again with renewed energy to KILL Breast cancer ASAP. Not Lung Cancer though.

This article has surfaced in several publications and newspapers lately. 1 in 5 women with Lung Cancer have never smoked according to an article in/on MSNBC.

If you are curious about some older numbers, 2005, Click on this Link

http://caonline.amcancersoc.org/cgi/con ... /1/10/TBL2

These are 2005 Statistics for Cancer Deaths for Lung Cancer

Lung & bronchus 172,570 93,010 79,560 163,510 90,490 73,020

These are numbers for statistical basis only not actual numbers.

2006 numbers may be out soon who knows

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