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mom is vomiting white foam. anyone familar w this?


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Hi, my name is Michelle. My Mom is Mary Lou. She is 76 and diagnoised with stage 3 LC last Feb. Chemo & radiation did not work. She started Iressa in June and immediately felt 100% better. She even went back to work. She had a really hard time with radiaiton hurting her throat and now has problems swallowing (seeing Gastro doc next week) All of a sudden she started feeling bad and acting like she did when she had pnemonia twice while in treatment. On way to dr last wk she began vomiting white foam. Dr said clueless. She did take excedrin migrane that am and we thought maybe that was too rough on her and it came up as foam? Dr said xray that day looked like tumor has shurnk. next day she took tylenol for headache and same thing happened. She has also been on anitbotics for 2 wks for what they think is sinus. she does not throw that up. Her headaches are severe, her back also hurts. she has almost black eyes. now just above her eyelid on both eyes near her nose it is real puffy. has anyone else heard of this? i am so afraid it has spread to her back and brain. please tell me someone else has heard of this and it is nothing.

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I don't know when your mom is scheduled to go back the the onc but if not for a while then call the onc on monday and ask to have a brain and bone scan done on your mom.

As for the foam, yes, my Buddy had that happen while he was taking radiation. He would get to coughing and up would come white foam. He still sometimes swallows wrong (he did today) and it still shows foam with what he coughs up. Not sure if that is the same as your mom's or not but prob from the radiation. He also suffered a great deal from the radiation burn in his esophagus and lost a great deal of weight because of eating problems with the throat hurting so bad. there are meds that they can give but nothing really helped him swallow. Other on here will prob tell you what they tried and some worked. I can tell you that after the radiation ends it takes 3 to 5 weeks before the throat starts to feel okay.

Tell your mom to hang in there, it will get better....

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Hello, and I'm sorry to hear your Mom is having these problems. I have never had radiation treatments, but on several occasions I've been ill and have coughed up or vomitted foamy liquid. I was treated with an antibiotic and an antifungal and it eventually went away. Hoping you have answers and she has relief soon.

Fay A.

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