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Question about "Hot Head"

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My brother just came from a visit with mom and she is complaining about the left side of her head feeling hot and clammy. My brother checked himself and says you can notice a slight temperature difference and definate clamminess on the left side and that is not apparent on the right side.

I'm terrified of brain mets and wonder if that is what is causing this. Does anyone have any insight or a similar experience?

Sorry if i'm being panicky...Google is not giving me any info....



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The half-head thing I also have/had, called Horner's syndrome, may or may not also involve pupil's response to light being different in one eye. Something about a nerve in the chest, when compressed causes this split in reaction.

I'd mention it to the Dr., ask him to check your eyes to see if it is Horner's.

It's a phenomenon mostly, I got that way after thoracic surgery rather than from the cancer itself.

Doesn't mean brain mets at all.

Hope this helps.



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