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Hi everyone


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My name is Katie, i have been looking at the LCSC page for a while but couldn't get myself to write. My mum Jackie Oestrike passed away to lung cancer back in June. She faught with the disease for a little over 5 months. She was a very strong healthy individual, and so lung cancer came as such a shock to both my family and friends. It all still really feels like a bad dream. She was strong and really was very positive until the very end.

Since them my family has become really involved in the lung cancer community. My brother Brian is climbing Mt. Everest for LUNGevity and we are working on a ton of different projects. I am helping out at LUNGevity with a satellite adventure on April 28th. I guess that this is one of the only ways we feel we can combate the terrible reality of lung cancer and can do something that my mom would be proud of.

Here is the link for the satellite adventure http://www.lungevity.org/site/epage/42200_447.htm Tell your friends and everyone you know, its easy to register and make some money for lung cancer research. Also we have a blog at www.climbforcancer.blogspot.com

Thanks to everyone, Katie Oestrike

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Hi Katie,

God bless you and your family! I am so sorry for your loss. I'm new to this sight as well. I think it is wonderful. My dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I am in shambles. I too want to do something. I can't just sit back and do nothing. I've already talked to my family about participating in fund raising events. I'm going to check out your link. Thank you for the info and best of luck to you and your family.

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Hi Katie ~

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so unfair how quickly LC can change EVERYthing. I know your Mom must be proud of your family's efforts to fight back, and affect a change for those who will battle in the future.

I was so moved to read your family's story, that I (and the rest of the "team" :wink: ) will be satellite hiking here in AZ, as well. I would be honored to carry a stone with your dear Mom's name on it to the top of Superstition Mtn. if that would be okay...? PM me, and we'll "chat".

Sending LOTS of comforting (((HUGS))) and the very BEST of wishes to you, and your brother, in your endeavors!!

Yours in HOPE!!!


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