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Connecticut Public Health Committee meeting

Nick C

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So I went and presented a statemetn re: raised bill 1033...which is a bill for screening for lung cancer.

I think it went OK, but I can't help but feel the bill is destined to die...and therefore I have committed to go EVERY time there is a bill to be presented. Hopefully I get better at my presentations, as I was a bit too emotional...way more than I thought I would have been.

My point to the committee was that if there was a bird flu which was going to claim the lives of 150K Americans, every committee would be falling all ovver themselves to do something. But for lungcancer, there is a "what can you do?" attitude.

So I told them pretty much you do the best that science lets you do.

The committee was very kind, but I still fear it dies in committee.

We'll keep trying though.

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