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Blood Transfusion

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Husband has not been feeling any better so took him to our oncologist. He just wasn't bouncing back from his chemo this time. They took blood to do a CBC and his hemaglobin was low. They sent us to the hospital to draw more blood to cross type it. Tomorrow we go back to the hospital for 2 units of blood. They say it is a side effect from chemo. Does this sound right? Said it will take between 5 -6 hrs. This stuff is all new to me so any input as always is greatly appreciated.

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Aranesp and Procrit and Neulasta, as we know are side drugs to combat these side effects. Blood transfusions are common and sfely done in order to raise levels. The time frame is about right. it is about a 1 day thing to have done there. They are very careful in checking to make sure no errors occur, so don't worry. He will have more energy afterwards seeing as how this will elevate red Blood Cell production. Good Luck and Sending Prayers!!

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My mom had that while on chemo and received a blood transfusion once or twice. It was no big deal in the scheme of things, even though I freaked out at first b/c I did not realize it was a common side effect :)

Hang in there!

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