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memory is a tricky thing


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How is it that I remember every day of my moms illness and every conversation with every nurse or doctor , even what she wore to each appointment and I can relive those last days as if they were still happening but I cant remember to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer? go figure

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I know what you mean, not only so I remember everyhting, I have keepsakes to remind me just in case I ever do forget... see that bright sweatshirt and hat in the picture down below.. I have that along with the stepping stone.

I was at a rest stop the other day on the way back from Seattle and I know you all won't remember this but the weekend before she died we went to Seattle, stopped at that rest stop on the way, I changed her oxygen tank and gave her 2 oxy's... that I was giving her every hour on the way home. I remmebered the smell inthe air, the spot we stopped and the feeling when I was in the car, part control part panic.. I even have the glass she drank from because she couldn't sip from a can. I remember EVERYTHING... then I forgot to pick up my son from kindergarden today.

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