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A St. Pat's Reminder - One Year


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So, back when my grandpa died (20 years ago...I was 11, you do the math :oops: ) my mom had gotten him this obnoxious green coat, stitched with a shamrock, to celebrate his Irish heritage. He was quite proud. On that day he passed away, I promised mom I would wear that coat every St. Pat's Day - as obnoxious as it is! :wink:

Last year I didn't wear it. Dad was diagnosed the day before St. Patrick's Day at Mayo clinic. :( I literally forgot it was that special day. We were trying to distract ourselves with puzzles while dad had his bronchoscopy, and then we anxiously awaited results. :?

Yuck. I don't wish this on anyone. :evil:

But now...here we are one year later :D Dad is still in remission, his heart is good, his spirit is renewed, and his hair is back! :wink: He is one handsome fellow, don't you think! 8)

Thank you God for the wonderful gifts of life. :D May you bless those same gifts to my many friends here. :)



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Silly me...I forgot to put this in! Of course I wore it...actually I wore it yesterday to work, as today we were planning on being bums at home, which would leave me very few opportunities to tell the story.

It always gets me some interesting looks, as it did yesterday!

Hope you all enjoyed a green beer or two!


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