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Radiation question

Sue S

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My mom was diagnosed with stage IIIB squamous cell in July2003. She has already had 4 treatments of chemo and will start the chemo/radiation therapy Oct 20th. Today was her radiation simulation. After we got home from the hospital, she mentioned she had three sites noted for rad treatment. One was located in the area that her tumor was discovered (upper right lung), but the other two were down below her belly button, it appeared to be at the bottom of each lung. I did not have a chance to ask the doctors about it, because I did not know then. But, here's my question....are these 2 bottom locations "normal" site locations for a tumor in the upper lung (or mediastinum, where it has also grown), or would it appear that there might be two other locations of tumors? I will ask the rad oncologist this question at the next visit, but until then...does anyone have any thoughts?

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Hi Sue,

I suspect that the two lower points that you are talking about are just reference marks that the technicians use when setting up the radiation machine every day. They put Sharpie marks or Tattoo marks in the area you describe and line them up with the lasers to make sure that the exposure is the same and proper each day.

I could be wrong but i'll bet that's what you're seeing.


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My radiation was only on the mediastinum area since that was where the cancer was "heading" (in one of the pair of lymph nodes at the base of the bronchi). My tattoos were put mid cleavage and under each arm, radiation machine aimed just at the cleaveage area, front and back the first five weeks, then from the sides to the same area for the last week...

I would suggest asking the doctor any questions you have, he/she should be able to answer them and not give too much attitude...

Best wishes,


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