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Not sure what to say.

Sonia Owen

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I keep asking myself the same question. I have even "asked " my father to give me some kind of sign.

But nothing. Not even a dream. My aunt had a dream with him being very happy and my mother had an unusual dream: she has seen me jumping (to my death) from a tall building; she ran down and at the bottom of the building noticed my father on the pavement jumping up and down from joy; she yelled " are you nuts ! our daugther just killed yourself and you are so happy ?"; and he pointed at me: standing there on the sidewalk, healthy and happy. Weird, no ??

I guess it boils down to what you Mother believes as far as life after death is concerned. My parents are (in principle) Catholic but I do not think they really believe in God, heaven, hell etc. So it is difficult.

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Here is a site I found that talks of different religions and beliefs about after life. I am not sure if this will be helpful but it was definately an interesting read.

I pray that you and family are able to find comfort and peace.


God Bless!!


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I also think that your Mom probably just wants to talk about your Dad. I really believe that having someone to talk to about the death of a loved one is the most important healing tool. But, if you think your Mom really wants an answer, I would just reply " I'm sure Dad keeps very busy watching over all of us."

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Guest nhnikki

My Mom and I do the same thing. We do believe in heaven and wonder what he is doing so I got her a book called 90 minutes in heaven which is a true story and it has helped her to imagine where he is. Yesterday however she called his cell phone to hear his voice and actually left him a message! I said "why the heck would you leave a message" and she looked at me and said "just incase he was listening I didn't want to leave him hanging"...

when do I call the social workers in :) I lve her to death and myabe I am wrong but she signed his name to my brothers b-day card too. I guess it doesn't hurt but is this normal?

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I think this is pretty normal, seeing the amount of people who have answered that their parent wonders the same thing... and I will join in on that also. Mom frequently will say.... what could he be doing that is so important he can't take time out to come send me a sign???... She is almost annoyed that is is so busy.... i just let her talk about it as it seems to help her. I guess there is no real right or wrong way to answer this...

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I would like to read 90 minutes in heaven, by Don Piper. I looked on Google search engine about the book, one web page showed the author telling you a little about what happened to him.

I have asked for signs from my Dad and I think I have had a few. If he ever found any money on the pavement he would pick it up. I have found two pennies on differant days. One very near to where my Mum lives, and one where I live. Also a robin very near to my home, singing in a bush. I went over and stood very close to the bird, and he did not move. Robins are very frigtened birds and take off, as soon as you go anyway near them. This is the second time I have seen this same bird. I have asked my Dad for a signs, and I feel in my heart that this is him.

Its a nice feeling.

My brother gave my Mum a book he had made using pictures of Dad when he was a boy, when he met Mum. Pictures of us three when we were children. His grandchildren, and many bits about his life for her to look at and we are sure she will find comfort from looking at them all.

Take care all Love Sonia UK

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