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knee pain/weakness--common?


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I'm in my second cycle of chemo (docetaxel, Carboplatin, and Velcade) for recurrent adenocarcinoma. Didn't get my twice-a-week Velcade this week due to low white counts. The last couple of days, I've been having weakness in my left knee as well as some pain there. Common side effect?? Thanks to anyone who can provide info.--Neil

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Guest Kaylei

I know I had a lot of joint, bone and muscle pain from the taxol/carbo combo I received and it lasted quite a while to a lesser degree after the chemo. Had pain and weakness in my knees during chemo, but it was the first pain that went away for me after the chemo. I remember I would take theraputic mineral baths, do gentle stretching exercises, and bug my dear husband to give me massages.

Nothing but time made it actually get better in my case. My last chemo was Sept 29 and it was, I'd guess, around Jan or Feb before my joints and bones felt back to normal.

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